When I began my property advocacy business, the industry was in its infancy, I worked from home and the only people I could reach out to were my competitors. This wasn’t ideal for several reasons, the most important of which was just that – we were competitors.

They didn’t have the time to mentor me or even to catch up for a coffee and discuss the industry in general. And it’s the isolation I experienced at the beginning of my business journey that led me to decide to create a community for like-minded people, those who have serious expertise and credentials in both the sales side of real estate or the more consultative property advocacy side.

While the coaching and mentoring is provided, at Property Mavens we also have group training and discussions where we share our expertise. And, of course, when we have a big win, we have people to celebrate with. So join us at Property Mavens and don’t be alone. We have limited opportunities available.

Property Mavens – Raising the bar in buyer and vendor advocacy

If you think you could make it in the buyers’ agent or vendor advocacy world, please get in touch. More experienced Mavens make for a much larger collective buyer agent brains trust.