Have you ever tried to give up smoking? Lose weight? Or vowed to walk 10,000 steps a day?

If you have, no doubt you found that if you were serious, you were better off to tell people of your intentions. When you have to manage other people’s expectations, you’re less likely to quietly ditch your goal. In this article, I talk about how accountability helps you to realise your most audacious goals.

Benefits of working with a group for accountability

Our business life reflects our personal life. When we set goals, we need to be held accountable – not in a punitive way, but so we’re encouraged and supported to achieve those goals.

It’s why so many major corporations ask employees to set goals on a scale, from ‘easily achievable’ goals  to ‘stretch’ goals. Your stretch goals take you out of your comfort zone and help you accelerate your progress.

In a large organisation, you’re held accountable through the dreaded performance review. Large corporations generally have a bonus system whereby employees receive an annual bonus on a sliding scale depending on whether or not they’ve been able to meet their ‘stretch’ goals. The bonus is an incentive for employees to push themselves outside their comfort zone and achieve more than they would by simply turning up.

When you work alone, it’s harder to keep yourself accountable. Even if you set goals, you’ll find that unless you’re highly disciplined and motivated, you’ll let some slip. You might be too busy to keep track of where you are with your targets, you might have a family crisis or need to move house. There are many reasons that we might fail to achieve our goals, especially those ‘stretch’ goals.

To achieve our goals, most of us need some kind of accountability. For personal goals like losing weight or improving our fitness, it might be enough to go onto Facebook or Instagram and declare our goal to our friends and family. However, this isn’t an appropriate solution for business goals accountability.

When you work with a group of like-minded people like our Property Mavens collective, you can explain your goals and your target dates for achieving them. As a group, we’ve all struggled at some time or other to push through difficulties. We’ve also probably faced the same challenges you have, and figured out a way to overcome them.

However, even without group support, there are options. Here are our three top tips.

  1. Break down goals into steps

Instead of one big target, break down your goal into progress targets. For example, if your goal is to achieve a minimum income of $100,000 in your first year, break this down into monthly targets. You might want to aim lower for the first few months then build as the year goes on. With small steps, you can focus on continuous improvement to help you reach your goals.

  1. Have an action plan

Choose what actions of yours will help you achieve your big goal. These might be contacting five new real estate agents or mortgage brokers a week, or streamlining your systems and processes so you have more time to spend getting clients over the line. You might be aiming to charge higher fees as you gain more experience.

  1. Set reasonable expectations

There is no point setting a goal or target income if common sense tells you it’s not possible or to achieve it would mean going without sleep or holidays. You might want to consider how much time each day you can devote to achieving your goal instead.

How Property Mavens helps you achieve your big goals

As buyers’ agents, we understand the challenges you face. Share your goals with us and we can help to ensure you achieve your targets. Making yourself accountable to a group of experienced, like-minded people will help you stay on track to achieve your biggest goals.

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