If you’re staying up to date with my blogs and videos, you’ll know I advise that, if you want to stand out and attract more clients, you need to provide exceptional service. And to provide that service, you need to be across changes in your industry as a buyer or vendor advocate, or external changes that could affect you and your clients.

My top five reasons for offering ongoing buyers’ agent training

  1. Keeping you up to date with legislation

Things can change rapidly, especially if an election is looming. There are myriad laws governing real estate sales. You need to be on top of not only the basics, but also, changes in how depreciation schedules work, for instance, as some provisions could have a detrimental impact on the profitability of an investment property. There is legislation governing professional conduct. Your role is to, at all times, protect your clients’ interests and offer exceptional service. The more current you are, the better you can help clients achieve their property goals.

  1.   Teaching you better ways to operate

When we first start out as buyers’ agents and vendor advocates, we do the best we can, borrowing our methods from our previous role as real estate sales agents. However, as we progress  and unlearn how to be a selling agent to learn how to be a buyers’ agent (it’s a totally new way of working), we learn new and sophisticated ways in which to operate our business and help our clients.

  1.   Helping you understanding buyer and vendor psychology

 Dealing with buyers is a whole new game. Their purchasing journey tends to carry more emotional freight. Home buyers, especially first home buyers, are making what is likely the largest purchase of their lives. And while younger buyers might not be talking about a ‘home for life’, it’s still the home where they’ll be raising families, connecting with a local community and spending their leisure time. Investors are chasing solid returns and capital growth. At Property Mavens, we understand the various buyer personas and the best ways to guide them to a successful purchase.

  1.   Helping you to educate your clients

At times, you’ll have a client with Champagne tastes and a beer budget. They desire the dream and discount the hardship that could ensue should they buy the dream home, rather than the more practical home that fulfils their needs on their income that will also enable them to live the life they anticipate. When you come across that situation, it’s time for tough love. We help you with strategies and techniques to deal with this type of client and others so you fulfil your role of protecting their interests while helping them to secure the outcome they desire.

  1.   Helping you to stay motivated as a buyers’ agent

Learning through ongoing training will keep your confidence levels high and motivate you to put those new learnings into practice.

Why Property Mavens for training and mentoring?

As an industry active, multi-award-winning expert buyers agent and vendor advocate, I have the experience in both financial services and property. Unlike a non-accredited one-off course, with Property Mavens, your training and mentoring is ongoing at no extra cost, plus you’ll have the benefit of being able to tap into the collective brains trust of an elite group of experts.

Join us at Property Mavens Group

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