It’s not hard to see why 90% of real estate agents in a recent Domain Survey reported high stress levels and 65% of real estate agents have been identified as having mental health issues.

I believe that those of us who work in property are under huge pressure and sometimes that can lead to lack of organisation and lack of macro planning.

As most businesses shut down over Christmas/New Year, it’s a great time to step back and reflect on how your business is going.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, noted recently: “We have to learn from the past and be inspired by what’s possible in the future. Yet, what we must do now is act when inaction might be easier.”

So here’s my business and life plan. Feel free to adopt any of these strategies so you head into 2022 with confidence.

Reflect on the year

While I don’t have deadlines, I will have the time to look back over the past two years and see the big picture. When I undertake this exercise, it isn’t all about the business. Instead, I look at my life in general: my relationships, my home, my health and more. In this way, I have a clear benchmark.

Identify what worked

For my life generally: In taking stock of the past year or so, I’ll be able to identify the good, the bad and the ugly. Did more exercise make me feel better? Did avoiding toxic relationships help me clear my mind? Did taking time out for me help?

For my business: In analysing my activity , incomings and outgoings, I’ll get a better understanding of which of my efforts paid off best, and which ones I should probably ditch in the new year.

Identify what can be done differently

When we set out on a particular path for our business, we want to give our strategies enough time to bear fruit. However, after we’ve used those strategies for a year at least, we have a fair idea of their effectiveness. In the break, I’ll look at all my strategies and models and work out if I should go into the new year doing some things differently.

Plan for the next six months to a year

From when I started my business, I’ve tended to have plans. However, I’m constantly reviewing those plans as external conditions change, or as things change with me. Plans are just that: plans. They aren’t set in stone and I review my strategic business plan often to make sure it still fits my needs. I might also consider creating something to give me passive income.

Set five-year ‘audacious goals’

The fun part of all the analysing and planning is to set myself a big target and aim for it. Marketers and writers have been referring to this type of target as the ‘big hairy audacious goal’ and the idea is that you reach not so much for the stars, but above your comfort level.

The big secret: Plan holidays in advance

Yes, this might sound optimistic but seriously, it’s the secret sauce that keeps you on track. In our business of being buyers’ agents, it’s easy to flame and burn out. We need to have holidays to look forward to, even if they’re short breaks. When we keep going relentlessly, all that does is exhaust us mentally and physically ‒ burnout. So this year I’m going to plan my holidays in advance and try to stick to them. That way, I’ll feel better and can help clients with more energy.

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