Many property professionals dream of starting their own agency and becoming masters of their own destiny. If you’re anything like I was when I launched Property Mavens, you are most likely more entrepreneurial than your current job allows and yearn to start your own business.

However, starting a business isn’t as simple as registering a Pty Ltd. To succeed, you need credibility. This includes a recognised brand, an established profile, collateral, a sophisticated website, a marketing strategy, a CRM system and business processes to streamline your operations.

Most importantly, you need the support of experienced and like-minded people walking in the same shoes as you.

First, let’s talk about systems and processes

Your operating systems and processes are important because they’re the building blocks on which you build your business. Smart systems allow you to keep track of everything you’re doing, stay in touch with your professional network, share ideas and help you grow your client base.

Setting up your own systems and processes from scratch isn’t easy and it’s very costly! In fact, it’s often the most challenging aspect of launching a new business. I should know; I’ve been perfecting my buyers’ advocacy systems and processes since 2008. For me, it’s been a process of evolution as technology improved and as I identified smarter ways to streamline everything. Now my systems are foolproof and make servicing my clients so much easier and less time-consuming. They’ve also helped me increase my profit.

Good systems and processes enable your client to get into the market sooner. Time out of the market for a property investor or home buyer is money, and you want to be giving all your clients a consistent and great experience.

Having said this, there’s more to buyer advocacy than having good systems in place.

The loneliness of long-distance buyers’ advocacy

From my conversations with solo business owners, I know that something that’s never considered at the start is the loneliness and realisation that working alone means you’ll no longer have the support of others, such as colleagues.

Operating as a buyers’ agent or property advocate sees us come up against problems we might not have faced in our previous work life, whether as a real estate agent, a property manager or a financial adviser. Many underestimate how difficult making the switch to buyers advocacy can be, and that you can’t do it all on your own because ‘we don’t know what we don’t know’.

Over the years, I’ve seen many solo operators start their buyers’ agency without all the knowledge they need (and don’t know they need). They have wasted precious time and money learning the hard way, building everything from scratch and essentially reinventing the wheel.

Property Mavens’ buyer advocacy community

The benefit of joining our buyers’ agency community is you can achieve your goals faster.

Instead of sitting at your desk with no clients and no clue, you can join our buyers’ agency franchise where there’s a community of people in the same boat, eager and willing to help each other.

The Property Mavens franchise is set up for people who have solid real estate sales experience. We help you flip the switch in your head from thinking like an agent to becoming a buyers’ or vendors’ advocate.

As a member of the Property Mavens community, you’ll receive face-to-face, intensive and ongoing buyers’ agent training. I’ll personally help you prepare for your success by educating you on all the aspects of advocacy you couldn’t possibly be aware of until you’ve experienced the many different scenarios a buyers’ agent will face.

You’ll be given access to proven systems, processes and buyers’ advocacy methodologies, meaning you won’t have to start from a blank sheet. I’ve prepared everything you need to accelerate the launch and success of your buyers’ agency and property advocacy business, to ensure you get up and running in a few short weeks.

Join us and you’ll be able to leverage my credibility and multi-award-winning brand. You’ll also have access to an online library of resources (that include templates, my multi-award-winning IP and much, much more). You’re also joining a community of like-minded experienced property professionals who collaborate and support each other in achieving mutual success.

We’re raising standards for the buyer advocacy industry as a whole, gaining the respect of clients and sales agents. But the best part is that at Property Mavens we win better clients and we can charge what we’re worth.

Celebrating our wins

You could be struggling or doing OK right now as a buyers’ agent or property advocate, but imagine just how much more money you could generate and how much better your working week would be if you had colleagues or comrades with whom to share leads and the trials and tribulations of running your business?

Those moments when you’ve landed a great client or solved that seemingly impossible problem are better shared with others who appreciate what an achievement that is. As a collective, we can help each other achieve our true worth, and raise the bar for buyers’ agents and property advocates as an industry.

Better together

Join us at Property Mavens Group

Become a Property Mavens ‘Agency Owner’.  Currently we are in a growth phase and we’ve got more buyers and vendors wanting help and leads than our team can handle. We’re recruiting property professionals and buyers’ agents to join us.

Now’s the perfect time to make your move but we have limited places available in this strong buyers’ agent business, with leads in Melbourne, Geelong, Bendigo and Ballarat.

Want to know more ? Call Miriam Sandkuhler, on 03 9988 2266.