What’s happening ?

Increasingly, clients are looking for a professional to help them make the right decisions about real estate.

This trend is clear in research. It shows customers have real issues with agents only trying to sell them something and are often dissatisfied with their experiences with agents.

An outdated model where buyers’ perception of the service is poor is a strong indicator of an industry about to go through disruption.

In markets like London, New York, Paris and Dubai, property professionals advising clients across all their decisions is a business model already in place.

Australia is experiencing this disruption now!

How property buyers rate agents

Little to no interest in helping me find a suitable property

Post purchase follow through


Honesty & trustworthiness


Price guide


CoreLogic Buyer Perceptions of Real Estate Agents 2016

What the experts are saying about the future of Property Advocacy…

Property Advocacy ties into the trend and the rise of Concierge Services vs DIY. Consumers value their time and when dealing with infrequent, high value and high-risk transactions, such as buying or selling property, they want to be looked after properly. They want to work with someone who has their back.

Kylie Davis

CEO Real Content, Industry Researcher and Thought Leader

The role of advisor will become more important for consumers and will be able to cut through the noise on both the selling and the buying side. Consumers are seeking trust and expert property advice from advocates rather than just a transactional service.

Rich Harvey

CEO Propertybuyer, President REBAA and Buyers Agent on Buying Blind

Currently, the market is re-adjusting. We have many clients that have come on board so we can assist them to navigate this changing market. Some areas are down, some haven’t changed, and some are actually up. It’s about the clients acquiring the right property, not the transaction.

Nicole Jacobs

Director and Buyer’s Advocate, Nicole Jacobs Property, Property Expert on The Block

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