Now ‒ today’s topic is important. When starting a buyers agency, you need to invest in a proper website. Newbies to the industry are often advised that all you need is a basic ‘brochure’ site. But, that isn’t true.

You need to invest at least $12,000 on building a lead generating website that is optimised for Google and includes the marketing smarts to automate interactions that nurture your leads. Without high quality imagery, and copy that sells, your messages will fall flat. An amature website will lose you credibility. So make sure you look professional and reliable. Over the years I’ve refined my website multiple times to keep up with technology changes and design thinking. It’s time-consuming, expensive and when things don’t work it can be soul-destroying.

Now, I’m finally at the stage where my technology is top grade. So fast-track your progress and save yourself tens of thousands of wasted dollars by joining Property Mavens. You’ll not only gain an highly ranked website, but also, a CRM with built-in systems, templates and processes. And you’ll be given marketing to leverage social media.

Put it this way, investing in your marketing is vital to your success. But that’s not the only cost when starting a business from scratch. So save yourself time and money, join Property Mavens to fast track your success. We have limited opportunities available.

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