It might be easy enough to do a short course and call yourself a buyers’ agent or vendor advocate. However, you need more than the very basic how to’s. For a start, you must have a real estate licence. I also recommend a minimum of two to three years of real estate sales experience within an established agency so you are aware of how the sales process works. 

You can only learn this on the job. Ideally, you would have some financial advisory knowledge. As a buyers’ agent, one of my key strengths is I’m an Accredited Property Investment Advisor. This is a field in which practitioners must understand all there is to know about property investing, from basic investing principles to finance and gearing principles. To make the leap from property sales, you need to flip the switch in your head, from working transactionally to being more consultative. 

At times, you’ll need to draw on your reserves of diplomacy while still demonstrating you are a credible, trustworthy person who is on your client’s side. At Property Mavens, we offer ongoing training and mentoring to get you up to speed so you can go forth and prosper!

Property Mavens – Raising the bar in buyer and vendor advocacy

If you think you could make it in the buyers’ agent or vendor advocacy world, please get in touch. More experienced Mavens make for a much larger collective buyer agent brains trust.