We’ve all been there, ‘working for the man’, giving our heart and soul to a job that doesn’t reward us emotionally or financially. Over my career, I’ve worn many hats, including as a sales agent and a buyers’ agent. While I can’t say I felt too underappreciated in any of my roles, circumstances required that I take more control of my future. So I started Property Mavens. What I found, almost immediately, was that being my own boss was freeing in that it allowed me to steer my own ship. I set my own rules and I learned from my mistakes. 

I believe mistakes are always an opportunity to learn. Starting from scratch has been a costly but fascinating journey. I’d urge you to consider becoming a property advocate and buyers’ agent. Come on board with me at Property Mavens. We will save you time and wasted money as we have an in-depth turnkey system and a great community of trusted property experts, so you won’t be working in isolation. You can work from anywhere, but draw on our 25 years of industry experience and expertise when you need it. 

My ongoing support, training and mentoring will give you everything you need, from how to deal with conflict of interest situations to how to position yourself to charge premium fees.

Property Mavens – Raising the bar in buyer and vendor advocacy

If you think you could make it in the buyers’ agent or vendor advocacy world, please get in touch. More experienced Mavens make for a much larger collective buyer agent brains trust.