You’ve started your own property buyers’ agent business and you’re working alone. So how’s that going? In my experience, you need a lot of air time and money to get noticed in this growing industry. You have to remember that you’re asking people to part with large sums so you can identify and negotiate on the right property for them, or help them navigate an emotional home-buying journey. 

To build your reputation, you need visibility. And that’s what a trusted brand gives you. It will kick-start your career and accelerate your journey to becoming a successful property advocate. The Property Mavens brand, as a trusted, reputable and credible agency, already generates daily leads, and I need more Mavens to join our community to service these buyers. There’s plenty to go around. Our Mavens could have two clients with the same brief and budget, or it might just be that they have all the work they can handle right now. 

So don’t waste time and money trying to build a brand from scratch. Let me help you build your business, your systems and provide all the marketing tools to ensure you develop a great reputation and hit your financial goals. 

Contact me to find out more, opportunities are limited.

Property Mavens – Raising the bar in buyer and vendor advocacy

If you think you could make it in the buyers’ agent or vendor advocacy world, please get in touch. More experienced Mavens make for a much larger collective buyer agent brains trust.