Have you wondered why there are more and more deals being done involving Vendor and Buyer Advocates?
Are you wondering why you should consider a career change to this sector and whether there is demand for it?

There has been a rise in the number of Vendor and Buyer Advocates around the country over recent years.
More and more agents are turning towards this sector and asking themselves why they should consider it as a career move. Well here are several reasons to contemplate if you are at that point and ready for an exciting and challenging change of career.

1 Mistakes

Many buyers and vendors are concerned about making mistakes that could cost them enormous amounts of money, either when buying or selling. Buying and selling property is complex and consumers are waking up to the fact that it’s not simple and more often than not, it’s easier to get it wrong than right.  Buyers often don’t know what or where to buy or how to go about it. They may lack local knowledge , not understand pricing and lack confidence when it comes to bidding at auction.  Vendors often don’t know which agent to select, how to negotiate the commission or assess the marketing budget and how to set their reserve price. Confusion and overwhelm can come into play for many consumers and those who tend to be more risk averse are seeking the support of an independent Vendor and Buyer Advocate,  to minimize risk and mistakes and maximise returns.

2 Time Poor

Everyday people as well as busy professionals are in need of help due to simply not having enough time in their week to research markets and agents when to comes to buying or selling property, so more and more are seeking the services of professional advisors. It’s all about outsourcing.

3 Concierge Services Vs DIY

There is a definite market for those who want to DIY buying or selling property themselves.
More and more however, research identifies that there is demand from consumers for hyper -personalised services as we venture into a new era in real estate. There are those clients who value their time and want bespoke concierge services from a professional advisor, especially when dealing with infrequent, high value and high-risk transactions, such as buying or selling property. They want to be understood, looked after and know they are working with someone who has their back. They want independent and unbiased advice from an expert; an experienced Vendor or Buyers Advocate.

Miriam Sandkuhler, CEO Property Mavens and Property Mavens Franchising, Industry Thought Leader