Fact: Most people who visit your website aren’t ready to purchase. They’ve Googled some keywords and if you’ve set up your website correctly, you’ll show up in the search results. 

Most visitors are trying to find out more about you. Especially if you’re operating as a sole trader, those visitors are learning what kind of a person you are, how trustworthy you appear and if your values align with theirs. They’re also learning more about what you offer, and parking that information for when they need it. 

That might be tomorrow but could be in six months or a year or even longer.

Think about the process you went through to buy your car. You didn’t log into the Audi/BMW website, find the nearest dealership and plonk down your money. That purchase took many comparisons. In fact, you might not have decided on the make and model of your car until you’d scoured many websites, talked to friends and family, and made a checklist of what you wanted in your car. As well, you have much of the work done for you as car manufacturers spend millions of dollars on branding.

When people need to spend small sums, they don’t do much research. However, for a major purchase like property, they will need more data to work with. Those visitors to your website might come back again ‒ even several times, over months or years ‒ before they choose to engage your services. So you need to make sure you keep in touch at all stages of their purchase journey.

How to stay in touch with interested visitors to your website

Capture leads

While you might be able to see the number of visitors to your site, you won’t know who they are or whether or not they’re likely to become clients unless you can find out more about them. So you need some type of mechanism on your website that allows you to capture those people who seem interested. It’s what we call ‘gated content’ and your visitors need to add their details to get it. When you have their details, you can keep in touch with them.

Remember that if you add those leads to your database, it’s important that anyone can unsubscribe easily. Most of us have had the experience of signing up to a newsletter easily but having to sign over our lives to unsubscribe. I for one have several companies I refuse to deal with ever again,  because unsubscribing was so difficult.

Classify leads

Leads and classification will depend on your lead capture offer. However, with most offerings like a downloadable guide, you can have a qualifying question or two – for example, ‘Are you considering buying a home in the next six months/12 months/five years?’ Don’t ask for too much detail, though, as that can turn potential clients away.

Armed with the responses, you can separate leads into ‘hot’ leads, those people you think might buy if you get in touch with them, ‘warm’ leads (those who need to spend more time checking you out), ‘cool’ leads, who might be just curious or ‘bad’ leads (those who are just checking you out, maybe because they are your competitors). 

Convert those leads into clients

Few of your leads will end up being clients. However, you’ll never know unless you get in touch with them. It’s worth following up ‘hot’ leads quickly as they are the ones who are ready now (or seem to be). You can add value to what they know about you already by sweetening the deal with more useful information.

However, don’t ignore the warm, cool or bad leads. They might turn into a hot lead with some nurturing. As long as you stay in front of them, you will be top of mind when it comes to their future property purchases.

How Property Maven training and mentoring helps

Managing leads and converting them is a skill. If you’ve worked at a real estate agency, generally you have the power of the agency brand to help you. However, if you’re now working as a solo buyer’s agent, you no longer have the power of that brand. That’s where we help. Property Mavens is a well-recognised, multi award winning  and respected brand. In addition, we offer training and mentoring to all our group members. In our group discussions, capturing and converting leads is just one of the many topics we cover.

Join us at Property Mavens Group

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