Do you tick the boxes when it comes to the factors needed to succeed as a “work anywhere”  Property Advocate ?

Sales skills

While this may sound odd, its imperative that you have strong sales  skills and experience.

While not a selling agent, you are selling a service. And the service does not sell itself. Not only are you selling a service, but you are educating prospects about why they should engage you instead of doing it DIY. You will also need to network and generate you own leads, so you will need to be ‘hardwired’ for sales or you will struggle to succeed. Selling a house has no similarity whatsoever to buying someone a home. This means to succeed, you will need to be untrained as a selling agent, and retrained as an Advocate.


You will need to be highly organised and to be able to manage your time effectively to generate an ROI on it. To do this, you will need to engage external service providers to help you.

Are you working from home, a serviced or share office space ?

Your choice will determine how you need to set yourself up to be effective and productive in your role as an Advocate. Systems and processes are your friend. This is a heavily research driven service that you are providing to clients. You will need to be able to deliver on your customer service promise.

If you are running your own small business you will need to oversee every aspect of it in the early stages. This includes marketing, managing websites and CRM’s,  compliance and bookkeeping, cashflow, onboarding, and fulfilling client briefs. While this is very expensive (if you are not part of a franchise group), it is easy to drop the ball and lose control of what is happening in your business, especially when it comes to the administration. This is where things can get out of control and risk can set in. You really need to be a Jill or Jack of all trades., as running a business is totally different to being an employee. It is a 7 day a week gig, and it requires daily attention and management, especially if you are in it for the long-term.

Routine and Daily Focus

Successful advocates have their days planned and they stick to routine, where circumstances permit. It is a highly fluid profession so there does need to be flexibility. Solid routines allow us to get things done during the day, but it does not hurt to create new ones over time to keep your brain engaged, improve your business and to stay productive. Daily focus enables high levels of productivity. There are plenty of apps and tools that can help with improving this.

Emotional Intelligence and Communication

This is a people business, not a property business. You need to strong communication skills to manage a client’s fear. This will show up while working with clients (especially home buyers and sellers). Emotional intelligence will be needed throughout every stage of the advocacy cycle. You will need to have high levels of empathy too as yo are dealing with clients who are stressed!

Client Centric

This is a given. The client needs to come first above all else, at all times. You will need a strong capacity to articulate yourself, explaining concepts and positioning strategies. And you will need to be comfortable stating a professional opinion and asserting yourself as the subject-matter-expert, without railroading clients. Pushy ex agents and bullies do not last long in this industry. Iron fist and velvet glove is helpful but only if you put your clients interests first. Being a property advocate is totally different to being a selling agent, so if you don’t have a handle on being client centric, you will struggle.

To not only survive in the business, but thrive, you will need to be a master of all 5 attributes.

 In summary, the attributes needed to succeed as a work anywhere Property Advocate are;

  • Well develop sales skills
  • Highly organized
  • Work to a routine with strong focus
  • High emotional intelligence
  • Client centric above all else

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Miriam Sandkuhler, CEO Property Mavens and Property Mavens Franchising, Industry Thought Leader.

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