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Industry research reinforces the point that people, particularly wealthy individuals, couples and families, want a professional to advise them on all of their property decisions.

Mistakes Agents Make Establishing a Property Advocacy Business

7 Mistakes Agents Make Establishing a Property Advocacy Business Are you considering becoming a Buyer or Vendor Advocate but aren’t sure where to start? Here’s a cheat sheet on what to avoid if you are going to transition into this new career path and start your own business. Mistake One Not investing in establishing a professional brand. If you look like a work in progress, you will be treated like one! Perception is everything. The first thing we do when [...]

What clients want in a Buyer’s or Vendor Advocate

What clients want in a buyer or vendor advocate Do you want to know if you tick the boxes when it comes to what clients want in a buyer or vendor advocate? What are your chances of success if switching from selling, to buying or vendor advocacy? Being your own boss in the Property Advocacy sector offers some fantastic rewards. Helping clients to secure a fantastic outcome is enormously rewarding. And it can give you the freedom to work flexibility [...]

A new normal … could you succeed as a Buyer’s or Vendor Advocate?

Could you succeed as a Buyer’s or Vendor Advocate ? Are you considering becoming a Property Advocate but don’t know if it’s for you? Are you ready to go out on your own but you’re not sure what’s next? Stock levels are LOW and the real estate industry is moving into a “new normal”. If you are thinking of transitioning into this side of the industry and starting your own property advocacy business, here are some important pointers for you [...]

Property Advocacy: A sound alternative to the Covid19 chaos

Why become a Property Advocate? What are the benefits of converting from being a selling agent to a buyers and/or vendor advocate? The current real estate business model is dying, and the industry is undergoing rapid transformation.  Disruption is not just in the way in which Covid19 has caught agencies unprepared and many ‘with their pants down’. It's also in the use of technology and the way in which customers are inadequately serviced. Today's customers expect hyper personalised service and [...]

How Covid19 is threatening real estate agents’ livelihood

With the arrival of Covid19, are you concerned about your current or future job security? Is your relevance diminishing? Do you wonder where to from here in terms of your career? Well you are not alone. The shift has already begun, with Covid19 and tech disruption having arrived and shaking things up already. With Stage 3 Covid19 restrictions now in place and the double whammy of big players moving into the market, the old way of working in real estate [...]

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