Especially now, when it’s so challenging to get listings, many real estate agents feel ready to transition to becoming a buyer’s agent. But what are the other signs that it’s time to make the switch? In this article, I cover seven signs you’re ready to leave your career as a real estate sales agent.

  1. Your real estate sales role is no longer fulfilling 

I hear this so often; that sales agents no longer find joy in what they’re doing. The industry has become more cut-throat, some agents are in a race to the bottom for commissions, and some practices in real estate agencies don’t sit well with those agents who got into the business because they enjoy helping people. If this sounds like you and your work environment, you’re ready to become a buyer’s agent, where you can make a real difference for buyers.

  1. You  prefer working with buyers more than sellers  

While some emotion is involved in, say, selling a family home, for most sellers, it’s mostly about the end price they can achieve. Once they’ve sold, they’re often lost to you until maybe the next time they’re ready to sell.

Buyers have more complex requirements. Are they looking for their dream home? Are they looking for a property that will perform well re capital growth or yield or both? Do they need help putting together their finances? Add to this that buyers often form emotional attachments to properties in which they’re interested and you have a cocktail of potential stress. And you, as a competent and trusted buyer’s agent, can help buyers navigate their buying journey.

  1. You want to earn more money 

This is a no-brainer, especially if you’re working in a franchise where up to 70% of your commission goes to the franchisee. When you work as an independent buyer’s agent, you get to keep all your fees, which means you can earn more with fewer consultations.

  1. You want more freedom and family time 

See above. Because you can earn more money and retain all your fees, you can choose more easily how much work you want to do to achieve your financial targets. This means less work, more freedom to do what you want, and more family time.

  1. You want more control over your career

No longer do you have to be the junior partner. As an independent buyer’s agent, you control how you operate, the areas in which you operate and how successful you become. And not being tied to a ‘farm’ area or territory means you can explore not only other suburbs but also regional areas like Ballarat, Geelong and Bendigo.

  1. You’re ready for a new challenge

You’ve been a real estate sales agent for longer than five years and you’re bored with the same-old, same-old. As a buyer’s agent, you’ll encounter many different problems that will have your brain working overtime. Because the buyer agent-client process is less transactional and more consultative, you’ll be getting to know clients at a much deeper level and solving problems on the run so you and they can have the satisfaction of achieving their property goals.

  1. You like and can follow systems and processes

Some of you might not like to think about the systems and processes you need to be a successful buyer’s agent. However, if I tell you that our systems and processes at Property Mavens save you time, which allows you to service more clients at any given time, would that make a difference? A proven business formula and provision of leads is a shortcut to your success.

Are you ready to switch to being a buyer’s agent?

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