You might be wondering if your buyer’s agent business is going anywhere. You might be having doubts. These doubts might be well-founded but more than likely they’re caused by a crisis of confidence.

You might also struggle to get your clients ‘over the line’.

In both situations, you need to look for persistence. 

What is persistence?

What does persistence mean to you? For some, it might signify a negative trait – the persistent salesperson on the shop floor, the car salesperson who follows you around the lot until you agree to a test drive. But persistence is more. It’s about not being discouraged by setbacks, about ploughing through, overcoming obstacles to your success.

Persistence gets a lot of air time

It’s no secret that many websites and life coaches talk about the importance of persistence. You’ve no doubt heard the quote,‘90% of life is about showing up’. The percentage changes from writer to writer, but the intent is the same. It’s all about persistence.

You might also have read the Thomas Edison quote that ‘Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”. What he meant by that was that hard work and persistence is more important than simply having a great idea. To bring that idea to fruition, you need hard work. Even the notoriously taciturn US president Calvin Coolidge noted that “…persistence and determination are omnipotent”.

Despite the best brain and the best training in the world, if you falter at the first hurdle, you won’t succeed.

How to develop persistence

A persistent person is resilient, one who can roll with the punches and still come out fighting. If you feel ready to give up at times, follow these steps to develop persistence.

  1. Understand your goals

If you don’t have an end in sight, it’s hard to stay true to your purpose. When you understand what you want to achieve, you can stick to your goals. Persistence.

  1. Understand your nature and your meaning

When you believe in what you’re doing, you won’t find it a challenge to persist to achieve your goals. 

  1. Power up your commitment

You might have read our previous article on how to be accountable. In making yourself accountable, you are committing to your goals. This will help you to persist.

  1. Reward yourself along the way

Sticking to a plan, or an idea, can be tough. So give yourself a reward for meeting step goals and staying true to your purpose. Your treat might be a half day with your family, a spa treatment or new shoes. Whatever it is, make it meaningful to you, and something that will help to reset your determination to succeed.

  1. Find support

Being a solo advocate can be lonely and it’s too easy to doubt yourself. So find yourself a compatible group like Property Mavens to guide and support you, and help you to be accountable. We’ve all struggled with challenges, imposter syndrome and all the other obstacles that might have prompted us to give up. Over the years, we’ve learned how to overcome these issues.

Not just persistence

Other top qualities of successful people include that they’re willing to move out of their comfort zone and they never stop learning.

So every day, try to do something new, and stick at it for long enough to evaluate whether or not it’s working for you. One small step can lead to great results.

How Property Mavens help you to develop persistence

Persistence is like a muscle; we know the exercises to help you develop that muscle and we can’t wait to help you succeed.

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