Setting yourself up as a buyer’s agent can be daunting. Even if you start with a few clients, you need to understand how to grow your business. The truth about running your own business is that you decide how much growth you need. By following these tips that follow, you’ll soon grow your buyer’s agent business

8 tips to grow your buyer’s agent business

  1. Start with a strategic business plan

A business plan should have goals and milestones so you can benchmark yourself against these. Set out your quarterly, half-yearly or annual goals. Take into account the resources you are going to need like buffer cash, number of clients per month, your website hosting costs, car running costs and any subscriptions. 

  1. Get on top of your revenue targets

In your business plan, you should have set revenue goals so you can be proactive instead of reactive. Revenue goals are important benchmarks for you so you can see if you’re on track.

  1. Set regular holiday breaks

Taking time off might seem like an odd way to grow your business. Trust me, you need to take time out to clear your head and return to your business feeling refreshed. 

  1. Set deadlines

If you’ve set your holiday breaks for the year ahead, you’ll have naturally occurring deadlines. However, where you can, it’s good to plot out your weeks and months so you know if you’re on track or not.

  1. Write a to-do list every day

You might be doing this already by scheduling things in your online calendar or diary. However, I’m talking about writing your list on paper and placing it where you can see it easily. That way, you can add to it if you’ve forgotten anything, and you can tick items off your list as you finish them. You’ll be less anxious that you’ve forgotten to complete a task.

  1. Build lifelong relationships

We know that networking, especially with real estate sales agents, is vital to getting referrals, and hearing about off-market properties for sale. Remember, though, to be respectful and empathetic. In treating real estate sales agents with respect and listening to them, you will build relationships that go beyond mere referrals or transactions. With mutual trust comes mutual success. 

  1. Identify new opportunities

Perhaps you started your buyer’s agent career by focusing on downsizers looking for their final home, or new home buyers. If you feel a bit stuck, then it’s time to analyse the market and see where else you could be spending your energy. Think about investors, or families who need to relocate due to work. Do some online research, talk to your network and find new client opportunities

  1. Create a business checklist (or join Property Mavens)

Apart from your business plan, you need a set of ‘tools’ to run your business. These include:

– Marketing plan so you have a presence and potential clients know you’re in business.

– Accounting software that’s sophisticated enough to run reports and calculate your BAS.

– Laptop or desktop computer.

– Systems and processes that will streamline your work:

  • Legal and compliance documents
  • Administration processes
  • Research programs

Believe me when I tell you that devising a marketing plan, and setting up systems and processes is very costly and time-consuming. You don’t make money reinventing the wheel!

Take a shortcut to your buyer’s agent business

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