Back in the day, when Telstra was still Telecom, the business provided all their workers with ‘the barbecue book’. In it were statistics like how many kilometres of cable they’d laid, average response times to problems and so on. 

Telecom had such a poor reputation that people were embarrassed to say who they worked for and the barbecue book was their defence. The same is happening in real estate, where agents were recently ranked third-last in ethics and honesty in a Roy Morgan survey. No one wants to be associated with that statistic. In contrast, a buyers’ agent and property advocate garners more respect because they protect their clients’ interests. So have you thought about switching careers and becoming a buyers’ or vendors advocate? 

The great thing is you use much of the same set of skills while learning essential new ones, and your real estate licence doesn’t go to waste. Plus, you can sleep soundly in the knowledge that you’re helping buyers or vendors with what could be the most important financial transaction of their lives.

Property Mavens – Raising the bar in buyer and vendor advocacy

If you think you could make it in the buyers’ agent or vendor advocacy world, please get in touch. More experienced Mavens make for a much larger collective buyer agent brains trust.