We all know the trope of the harassed worker who ends up spinning out on Sunday night because they feel overwhelmed by what Monday will bring. Well, there’s a simple solution if that sounds like you. Enjoy your Sunday knowing that Monday is yours.

The trick is to use your Mondays to become better at your role as a buyer’s agent and a better person all ‘round. In this blog, I’ll give you some tips on how to handle Mondays.

How to make Mondays matter more

Use Mondays for admin

Instead of launching yourself into a full work day, use Monday for keeping your admin under control. This is when you can do your online banking, check how your CRM is performing, follow up leads, set up forward social media posts, and maybe even write a blog post.

Use your Mondays for tasks that need full focus and thinking time

One of the reasons so many of us end up working every weekend or late into the night is that we have tasks that need our full attention. When we’re distracted by the phone, continual emails, and anxiety that we might be missing something, we can’t make big decisions. So switch off the phone, ignore your emails and focus on the big things that will propel your business to success. 

You might want to start planning for the next stage of your business, think about taking on a partner, or plan your networking strategy for the next month or so. Whatever you do, make it count.

Use Mondays to streamline systems and processes

When you have efficient systems and processes, you’ll be able to work fewer hours for the same reward. And if the idea of setting up your systems and processes fills you with dread, remember that you can join us at Property Mavens where we’ve done all the hard work for you. Why reinvent the wheel when you can hit the ground running and make money straight away instead?

Use Mondays to refine your business plan

Monday is a great day to check your business plan and see if it’s delivering growth. Identify one element of your business plan that will help your business to grow. Then plan to capitalise on it.

Use Mondays to  write your to-do list for the rest of the week

Set your priorities, starting with the big stuff. However, don’t ignore the small stuff that can take up too much of your thinking because small things aren’t attended to and you have them in the back of your mind. Those small things can occupy valuable real estate in your brain. Don’t forget the small stuff.

Use Mondays to build relationships

On Mondays, I spend time setting out a plan to connect with the people in my life who are not only helpful in business but who also make me feel good. Even if I meet one person a week, it’s still valuable.

Use Mondays to structure your life for balance 

Monday is a great day to put some structure into your weeks. I use Mondays to plan my holiday breaks, weekly exercise time, and ‘me’ time so I don’t become overwhelmed.

Use Mondays to prepare yourself mentally for the week

Take your dog for a walk, go for a swim or attend an exercise class. It doesn’t matter. It’s your Monday.

However you manage your Monday, remember that if you’re struggling to get motivated on Mondays, you’re not alone. So be kind to yourself and others.

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