As I’m sure you’re aware, if you’re considering taking a leap from real estate sales into property advocacy, the market is getting more crowded. Also, as this sector of the industry is still relatively new, it’s harder for potential clients to know who to choose. Especially when you’re starting out as a buyer or vendor advocate, you need to demonstrate your ability and credibility. But how can you stand out from the other buyers’ agents or vendor advocates?

Operate under a trusted and credible property advocacy brand

Potential clients like to see success and endorsement. Until you build your portfolio of testimonials from satisfied clients, you need the security of a trusted and credible brand like Property Mavens. It has taken me many years to build my brand and my reputation; if I had my time over, I’d have relished the opportunity to accelerate my success under an established brand and the guidance of an expert buyer’s agent who actually works in the market. Now I’ve built my brand and established my credentials, I’m opening my business to capable newcomers who would welcome timely advice.

Provide exceptional service to your property advocacy clients

As property advocacy is more consultative than transactional, you’ll need to wear many hats. Your main role is to protect your clients’ interests. To do that, you’ll have to go through an extensive due diligence process, understand their brief, have an extensive database of prospects, and be confident that you can educate your clients to purchase only what they need, and can afford. Many of your clients will want to buy the dream; it’s your job to bring them back down to earth and demonstrate clearly why one property should be favoured over another. There may be tears, but in the end you’ll have done the right thing by your client and they’ll give you glowing recommendations.

Display broad property knowledge

As a real estate sales agent, you may have specialised in one suburb or district. As a property advocate, you need to be up to date with property trends across Australia, local trends, migration patterns, the jobs market and more. You’ll need to be able to drill down to the growth fundamentals of each property, not just highlight the size or style. When you can demonstrate (through active work and blog posts) consistently that you understand the property market, clients will trust you with what is likely the most important purchase of their life.

Keep learning

The one constant is that everything changes. So to have the confidence to stand out from the herd, you’ll need to stay up to date with property tax changes, council regulations, the financial markets, bank lending restrictions, what buyers or tenants look for in a property and more. You’ll need to understand the complications that can arise when you have two clients who have the same buying criteria, or how to manage vendor advocacy clients in highly emotional situations like divorce or death. The more you keep learning, the more confidence you’ll display, knowing you have the information clients need at your fingertips. To keep you on the right track, and help you understand what you need to know to stand out from the crowded field of buyers’ agents, at Property Mavens we offer ongoing training and mentoring. You might be buying a turnkey business system but it doesn’t stop there. You’ll receive ongoing support and mentoring, as part of your investment, when operating under our reputable brand.

Boost your personal profile

When you look at a list of buyers’ agents, they’re just names on a list or on a site. Without some effort on your part, that’s all you’ll be, too. So jump on to LinkedIn and Facebook, update your profile so it doesn’t mimic everyone else’s. Post some original content, whether that’s a comment on a news item, a report on a survey conducted on property or housing. The topic doesn’t have to be original; it’s your perspective that makes your content original. Finally, you can stay relevant to potential clients simply by keeping in touch and sending them helpful information. (It has to be genuinely useful, not house prices you scraped from the internet or regurgitating REIV data.)

Ready to be relevant in property advocacy?

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