Hint: Consistency is key.

Even before you go out on your own as a buyer’s agent, you need to establish your personal profile. And in this digital age, the fastest route is via social media. Social media now is ubiquitous; your potential clients are on social media but you’ll find different types of clients on different platforms. But the hardest part is deciding on what to post, where and when.

General rules for social media success as a buyer’s agent

Before you post anything, you need to have a plan backed by your social media strategy. So first, run through these two exercises:

  1. Work out who your ideal clients are: Mature buyers? First home buyers? Investors? Downsizers?
  1. Choose your specialist suburbs or regions: Although you should have a great working knowledge of property fundamentals, you’ll likely have favourite areas. For social media purposes, narrow your field/scope

Once you’ve established who your clients are and where you’d like to operate, you can start creating content. (Don’t be scared by ‘content’. It’s your thoughts, or research results, or case studies. The important part is that it’s original; not the topic, but your perspective.)

What do buyers want to read?

Now you’ve narrowed the field, think about your favourite types of clients. How old are they? What will interest them? For example, if your target clients are Baby Boomers ready to downsize, retire or make a tree change, they will likely respond well to nostalgia pieces, travel pieces, regional profiles or how to make do with less. Are they wine drinkers or beer aficionados? Are they Qantas Club members or Jetstar Club members? Or both? What information will interest them and help them? What can you tell them that will help them to know you better and trust you?

Younger buyers tend to be interested in environmental issues and the walkability of suburbs, and like to read suburb profiles that include information about local schools and parks.

Investors will be interested in the liveability of a suburb, as that will affect the yield and capital growth of properties in the area.

What social media platforms work best and when?

For buyers’ agents, we recommend boosting your LinkedIn profile before you do anything else. On LinkedIn, you’ll find mostly time-poor professionals who need your help to source a suitable property. The content you post on LinkedIn should establish your credibility and expertise, so think about deep dives into suburbs, or information about investment potential. Facebook is more suited to case studies of buyers you’ve helped, or more personal posts, not prospecting.

Most of the social media pundits agree that Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays are the best days to post. As a buyer’s agent, you have more freedom in that you don’t need to tie your social media posts into a sales campaign. Your aim is to catch people after they’ve dealt with their Monday morning deluge and before they’re frantically finishing up their week on Friday.

It isn’t all about property

Keep in mind when you’re creating content for your social media pages that not everything needs to be a promotional post. Well, they’re all about selling yourself but the pitch can be indirect. Do you own a pet? Talk about your pet. Have you been interstate recently? What interesting things did you see? The idea behind more personal posts is to show potential buyers who you are so they get to know you, come to trust you and become clients. Finally, consistency is key so be prepared to create a social media calendar. Don’t let your readers down by stopping and starting; they’ll give up on you and turn to someone more reliable.

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