Fast-track your way to being a successful buyer or vendor agent.

How do you get listings and clients as a new agent? When you start out as a buyer or vendor agent or advocate, unless you have come from a solid real estate background and have built up your contacts database, you’ll find it hard to attract new clients for your buyer agent services. However, in this blog, I’ll go through the different ways you can find new clients to accelerate your success as a buyer or vendor agent.

7 ways for buyers’ agents to find clients 

  1. Attend open houses

Part of your strategy to gain new clients should be to understand what homes are available for sale, and who is interested in those homes. So go on a shopping expedition, look at as many properties as you can, and get to know the agents at the inspections. The more knowledge you have about available property types, the better service you can give to your clients. While you’re at open homes, you can connect with potential buyers and introduce yourself and your services.

  1. Build your database

Reach out to possible buyers at open houses and take their names and contact details just as you would have as a real estate sales agent, but only if you have their permission!  You can ask if they’d like to receive news of possible suitable properties. Show them how helpful you can be.

  1. Network with selling agents for leads

In my experience, selling agents relish working with a buyers’ agent as we can look at property dispassionately and take the emotion out of the process. Get to know your local agents, let them know what types of properties you’re looking for, what types of buyers you have and their budget range. If a real estate sales agent can shift a property sooner through you, they’ll be on the phone with properties that might not have hit the market. Once they know you and appreciate your expertise, they’ll trust you by referring potential buyers to you.

  1. Narrow down your ideal client

Your ideal client is the type of buyer you prefer dealing with and feel you can help the most. When you’re setting up in your buyers’ agent or vendor agent business, think about where you’re able to help clients most, then research that target market. You might prefer working with downsizers because you have more scope, first home buyers because you can help most with a buying  strategy, or you might prefer pure investors as you find it easier to identify property fundamentals that need to deliver on wealth creation, rather than emotional preferences. Whoever your ideal client is, research them and find out all you can about what they need.

  1. Target your communications to your ideal client category

Once you’ve identified your sweet spot clients, you’ll find it easier to talk to them through your blogs, or find events where you can speak to  your expertise and the industry in general. Think about talking to your local chamber of commerce, banks, mortgage brokers and others to offer yourself as a guest speaker. Done well, this activity can position you as an expert; at the very least, people will know who you are and what you can do for them.

  1. Boost your social media profiles

You need to be visible for potential buyers to find you and ask for your services. So make sure your LinkedIn profile, your Facebook profile, your Instagram description and your blog posts gain the right sort of attention. Bear in mind that you’ll have much better success if you’re operating under a trusted, established and credible brand like Property Mavens.

  1. Join our Property Mavens community of experts

Under the umbrella of a trusted, established and credible brand, with a turnkey business, you can kick-start your success as a buyer’s agent. One-to-one training, mentoring and referrals from others in this elite community not only help you find clients, but to retain them as clients for life.

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