Even those of us who have been buyers’ agents for many years still have the occasional crisis of confidence. The difference between seasoned professionals and someone just launching their career as a buyer’s agent is we’ve learned how to deal with a knock or even an outright failure. Here are some of our top strategies for building business confidence.

Top ten confidence-boosting tips

  1. Keep learning. None of us knows everything, and legislation, banking rules, investment rules change all the time. As well, when you identify gaps in your skillset and learn, you’ll feel more confident talking to clients.
  1. Broaden your horizons. Learn about different markets from the one you’re most comfortable with. If you’ve only worked in a small ‘farm’ area before, you might want to explore other areas so you’re more familiar with the types of properties available, the zoning laws in place or about to change, or any major infrastructure projects planned. As buyers’ agents, we should feel confident being dropped into any suburb or region and being able to assess the opportunities.
  1. Do the scary things. If cold calling intimidates you, try to overcome your fear. It’s a numbers game; you only need one success to feel like a million dollars.
  1. Take an acting class or two. I don’t mean that you need to be in the next neighbourhood production of West Side Story but you can learn about body language and what it says about you and your clients. Learning about body language, micro expressions and posture will also set you up should you be invited to speak at a public event about your industry.
  1. Find a mentor or a business coach. It’s always helpful to draw on someone else’s experience. A business coach can help you reveal the best structure for your business, set up a savings plan, recommend marketing strategies and more. However, you could also join us at Property Mavens where our established brand, strong reputation and profile can help you to optimise your business.
  1. Improve your negotiation skills. You might want to include this in your continuous learning. However, the easiest lesson to learn in negotiation is to strive for a win-win for all parties. Go in well prepared, listen first without speaking so you can truly understand the other party’s point of view, communicate your offer and stay polite and calm. As with any skill, practise, practise, practise.
  1. Celebrate your wins. This is an often-overlooked but important plank in growing your confidence. And celebrating wins in private isn’t as gratifying as sharing your triumph with others who understand exactly what you had to endure to get that win. At Property Mavens, we find time to share and celebrate our wins with each other so we build self-confidence.
  1. Understand and empathise with your clients. You know that I keep on like a broken record about how being a buyer’s agent is not transaction-based like real estate sales. It’s a process and part of the process is learning as much as you can about your clients, their goals and aspirations. This isn’t a short-term game but a long-term relationship
  1. Dress the part. By this, I don’t mean that you have to turn up dressed in a suit. However, you should look well groomed and competent. When you’re wearing suitable ‘armour’, you’ll feel more like a professional buyer’s agent and not only feel confident yourself but also instil confidence in your clients.
  1. Set your business objectives. As you achieve your targets, your confidence will improve. Be realistic and understand what you need to do to achieve those business objectives.

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