With Property Mavens Future Wave, you operate under the Property Mavens national brand to help clients with their property decisions.

Instead of selling real estate, you advise clients across the board, including:

  • Buying the right property for investment

  • Securing the right home for their lifestyle

  • Managing the sale of their property

  • Assessing their portfolio for capital growth and rental income

  • Renovating to grow the value of their home or investment property

It means for the first time, you draw on all your expertise to be a property advocate for your clients and enjoy the greater satisfaction of being the expert you are.

Be your own boss

We will reward your work ethic with a greater share of the revenue – so no longer will you be tied to an office where your enterprise and hard work carries the also-rans.

You gain the opportunity to build a business and succeed, and elevate your personal brand and standing in the industry.

Futureproof your future.

What do I get?

Property Mavens Future Wave offers motivated real estate agents the chance to be the consummate professional – and profit from it.

Operating under the Property Mavens Future Wave model, successful applicants enjoy;

  • The freedom and flexibility of running your own business
  • An established, reputable property brand to work under
  • Keeping 84% of the revenue you earn

  • Earn income from additional revenue streams

  • Business development – lead generation tools, systems and processes provided

  • A Customer Relationship Management system and website profile
  • A Social Media and Digital Marketing presence

  • Ongoing mentoring, training and support
  • A collaborative community of like-minded professionals to be a part of.

Once established, this model allows you to scale up your business or modify it to match your lifestyle needs.

Most important of all, you gain first mover advantage in a world of change.

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