It doesn’t matter if you’re selling products or selling yourself as a buyer’s agent, it’s vital to build customer loyalty. However, when you are the product, you need to adapt loyalty strategies to suit.

Buying property is a complex business with many variables. If you and your buyer have taken the time to understand each other, and you’ve sourced what they needed, for your buyer there’s a cost and time benefit in not switching to another buyer’s agent.

In this article I give you my key tips on how to build client loyalty as a buyer’s agent.

8 ways to build client loyalty

  • Excellent communications

When I sat down to write this, I couldn’t decide whether to start with customer service or communication. Then I decided that good communication IS great customer service. If you don’t communicate effectively in the way your client prefers, then all the rest of your great work is for nothing.

You need to find your client’s preferred method of communication and be available to soothe their fears. And while you might love picking up the phone or firing off an email, this might not be how your client likes to interact with you. If they express a preference for email so they can digest your information at their leisure, then that’s how you need to communicate. If they want you at the end of a phone call, then be there for them.

  • Trust

Let your clients know who you are as a person, not just as your role. You don’t have to become best friends with them but the better you know each other, the greater the trust you’ll build.

  • Empathy

Take the time to understand your client’s point of view. You need to have a comprehensive understanding of their personal and financial circumstances, and their life and financial goals. Only then can you find them the ideal property, the one that ticks all the boxes, not one that offers a short-term emotional reward.

  • Protection

Our role as buyers’ agents is always to protect the interests of our clients. Your client who wants to buy four apartments in the same complex: you need to point out that the lack of portfolio diversity might carry risk, and the other implications they need to consider.

Yes, it’s true: more often than not, we’re protecting clients from themselves. But when your clients trust you to make the right call, they will stick with you because they know you have their best interests at heart.

  • Values

Your clients should know what you stand for, and you should give them a good reason to pick you and stick with you. Are you more reliable? Do you have a huge network that allows you to source more types of properties faster? Demonstrate your Unique Selling Point or Point of Difference in your personal branding.

  • Amazing results

Getting amazing results engenders loyalty and repeat business. If you treat clients as a transaction, you will deal with them only once. If you go all out to find the best property at the best price, and carry them through the journey, they will be delighted, will tell all their friends and family and come back to you for their next purchase.

  • Staying in touch

Once the purchase has gone through, don’t file your client away. If you’ve established any type of rapport, then stay in touch. I don’t mean hassling them every week with news of a great property. However, you might catch up for a coffee to share mutual interests, or drop them an email occasionally.

  • Strong brand

Remember, too, that your client might not have saved your number and they might be looking for you online. If you have a long-established personal brand, or you have the advantage of a respected and known brand like Property Mavens, clients will find you more easily.

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