This week on the Courageous Conversations podcast, we had Miriam Sandkuhler in the guest’s chair. Miriam is the CEO and Buyer/Vendor Advocate of Property Mavens, which happens to be Australia’s first franchised property advocacy agency.

Miriam entered the property industry in the late 1990’s  after a previous career as a financial advisor. After working as a Buyer’s Agent in WA, Miriam relocated home to Melbourne after a separation. Not long after, her father passed away, which she says felt like her world was collapsing around her. On top of this, she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue having bared the front of many things happening at once.

Despite this, she pushed through and launched Property Mavens. How? She knew how to stand her ground, breathe deeply when things got tough, and she also chose to be empowered rather than just accept things for how they are.

There are some fantastic lessons from Miriam’s journey in this week’s episode that you will definitely be able to learn from. Sometimes, all it takes is a courageous conversation with yourself to know your worth and make the choice that will change your life for the better.  Click here to watch or listen