Can you be an introvert and successful in property advocacy? In short: Yes, you can.

We know many real estate sales agents can be persuasive sellers once they get clients but they find it hard to work in the competitive market of sales and dealing with teams.

In switching to being a buyer’s agent, former sales agents can spend more time on the one-to-one relationships you need to cultivate as a buyer’s agent. And as many of us work mostly on our own, we don’t have to deal with the unpredictability of other team members.

5 reasons introverts make great buyers’ agents

  • They’re self-starters

Introverts tend to prefer to manage everyday tasks without having to ask permission. Most introverts like a certain measure of control. Being able to control their environment makes them more efficient, which means they’re better prepared to help their clients to make wise choices.

  • They’re great listeners

As buyers’ agents, our primary role is to protect our buyers’ interests and to protect them from themselves in some cases. It’s vital that we listen and take in what our clients are telling us they want. We need to understand their life goals, their financial goals and their dreams. Only when we understand our clients inside out can we help them make a wise choice in their property purchase. Introverts are natural listeners 

  • They’re great at building one-on-one relationships

Not only must we create and nurture excellent relationships with our clients so we can protect their interests; we also need to cultivate relationships with others where the relationship will be mutually beneficial. Real estate sales agents might need us but unless we build trust, they won’t call on us. Building those one-on-one relationships is a way of building trust. Mortgage brokers, too, can be great additions to our networks but, as with all relationships, it isn’t ‘set and forget’. Introverts tend to work better when the relationship is one on one, rather than trying to make themselves heard in a crowd.

  • They’re prepared for any situation

While many (not all!) extroverts are prepared to ‘wing it’, introverts like to be organised. They pay attention to detail, they document all their interactions and how they dealt with them, and have a ‘library’ of experience to call on when faced with new situations.

  • They’re great problem-solvers

Being a buyer’s agent is about solving the puzzle of how to protect your client’s interests while finding them a property they’ll love. Introverts, calmer and more self-contained, tend to ponder over this puzzle until they find an optimum solution.

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