Now more than ever, many real estate sales agents and mortgage brokers are moving towards becoming a property buyer.

I know that many of you have completed a property buyer course and now you feel ready to go out on your own.

Or do you?

You might want to consider the long-term benefits of working with an established professional who is active in the market and can guide you to success.

The business of being a property buyer’s agent

Make no mistake; when you choose to become a buyer’s agent, you are starting your own business. And starting a business from scratch is not only expensive, but also, it’s hard work. When you don’t know where to start, it’s harder.

You’ll need, at the very least:

  • A decent website so potential clients can find you (and leave testimonials when you delight them).
  • Systems and processes for, among other activities, a full due diligence process.
  • A book-keeping /accounting system.
  • A client relationship management system.
  • Updated digital profiles.

That’s just the start.

Why work with an experienced buyer’s agent?

Not only in this field but in all areas of activity, you’ll find it beneficial to work with a professional in the game.

Five top reasons to work with a seasoned buyer’s agent 

  1. Learn good work habits

If you’ve ever had a personal trainer, you’ll get this. Your personal trainer isn’t there simply to put you through your paces. Your trainer knows what bodies are capable of. They’ll show you the right exercises to do to ensure you don’t damage yourself by making up your own routine. Above all, your personal trainer will elevate your awareness of your body,  what to do and how to move.

When you work with an experienced and successful buyer’s agent, you’ll learn how to perform well consistently and gain long-term awareness of your total business versus short-term results.

  1. Avoid mistakes

In the same way, an experienced buyer’s agent can save you from making mistakes and developing poor working habits.

A seasoned buyer’s agent has learned better ways of working and can steer you in the right direction. Almost everyone makes many mistakes in their first year or so but this doesn’t need to be the case.

  1. Gain confidence with support

In working with an active agent who is there to support and guide you, you’ll have more confidence to spread your wings and set your sights on more ambitious targets.

  1. Learn more effective communication skills

A seasoned buyer’s agent has learned over time how to approach different buyers from all walks of life. They also understand the value in staying in regular contact with their clients and their network of real estate agents, mortgage brokers and others.

  1. Get a shortcut to buyer agent success

When you choose to work with an experienced and active buyer’s agent, you’ll learn more efficient and profitable ways to operate, how to provide a better service to your clients and, ultimately, how to charge top dollar for your services.

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