As buyers’ agents, we mostly work alone. You might find this more productive but it can be hard to see the big picture without continual learning and communication with others in our industry.

When we work with others who are experienced, we can pool our ideas, see problems from different perspectives and gain knowledge from the wisdom of the group.

I started the Property Mavens turn-key business as an effective way to support others and be supported. Following, you’ll see some of my key tips

  1. Surround yourself with people who have faced the same challenges

When we work alone, we have to figure out how to solve every unique problem. It’s so much easier to be able to discuss our problems and hear how others who are experienced have overcome them.

  1. Learn from each other

We are, as a famous performance coach once said, the average of the people we spend time with. We aren’t doing ourselves any favours if we insist on being the smartest person in the room.

Top business magazines boast many articles that suggest that learning from others is a great way to learn. In particular, you’ll know that it’s best to learn not only from someone who has faced the same challenges but also, from someone who has more expertise.

  1. Help each other

The other day, I read this maxim and it spoke to me: Loan others your strength rather than point out their weaknesses. Property Mavens is designed for just this purpose. Instead of simply pointing out gaps in your knowledge, we’re here to advise and guide buyers’ agents and vendor advocates so they can thrive.

Working under a group brand like Property Mavens, participants can more easily get advice on developing skills such as: 

  • Organisation

A key part of running a buyer’s agent business is being able to streamline day-to-day activities. With tried-and-true systems and processes in place from the start, buyers’ agents and vendor advocates can hit the ground running without needing to reinvent the wheel and risk getting it wrong.

  • Effective communication

We all communicate differently. Sometimes we need to learn communication skills to better help our clients. For example, the way we speak to a retiree needs to be different from how we’d discuss property with a dedicated property investor. Each has a different psychological profile that determines how they ‘hear’ your words. In our group, we’ve dealt with all types of clients, from first home buyers to downsizers, tree- or sea-changers and property investors. Gain the wisdom of the group to learn more about what works and what will keep your client stuck in the ‘pause’ position.

Not generally a part of our role but to improve your personal brand, you may be asked to speak at events. We have all the tips you need to speak confidently in public.

  • Co-operation

In our roles, it’s vital that we learn to co-operate with other professionals that include real estate sales agents, mortgage brokers and lending institutions to better help our clients.

  • Leadership

In watching how others step up to solve problems, support group members and demonstrate leadership in action, we can learn how leaders behave ‒ and follow their example.

Why be a Property Mavens partner

This unique turn-key business offers more than simply leads, training and mentoring. Our support group encourages social interactions, whether they’re face to face or online, and helps participants develop strong networks for learning.

Join us at Property Mavens Group

Become a Property Mavens ‘Agency Owner’. Currently we are in a growth phase and we’ve got more buyers wanting help and leads than our team can handle. We’re recruiting property professionals and buyers’ agents to join us.

Now’s the perfect time to make your move but we have limited places available in this strong buyers’ agent business, with leads in Melbourne, Geelong, Bendigo and Ballarat.

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