Real Estate’s
Wave of the Future

Just like taxis, accommodation and mortgage broking, the real estate industry is entering a state of transition.

This wave of disruption holds great promise – and some real threats.

Adapt, thrive and lead

Many agents are now asking themselves the same question:

How can I stay relevant in an age where big time change is knocking at my 150-year-old industry’s door?

The answer: Leveraging all your knowledge to give the right clients the advice they want – and desperately need.

If you’re already a successful agent, Future Wave offers a better future – the opportunity to take your life in property to the next level.

What is FutureWave?

Property Mavens FutureWave is a new business model transforming agents from selling whatever is on their list to consultants advising clients on all their property decisions.

You leverage your wealth of knowledge about the market and advise clients across all their decisions – ethically, holistically and profitably.

Best of all, with this model you get a much larger take of the revenue you generate.

And you get to build a business and succeed without the hassle of setting up administration systems and building a new brand yourself.

If your life is property, it’s time to decide whether you want to be part of the revolution in real estate – or get left behind.

Futureproof your future.

What’s it like switching to buyer’s advocacy?

What is it like embracing FutureWave and making the switch to working in your new buyers advocacy business under the Property Mavens brand?

Check out our video where we talk with a new franchise about his journey in real estate and how he’s found working for himself with Property Mavens..

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